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Serial Startup Segment Proposal Type URL
1 Cybernetics Robo Ltd. Medical Healthcare Emergency Face Shield for Medical Practitioners & Other Professionals Dealing with COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak in Bangladesh. Research & product development of different types of emergency medical equipment (e.g. Face Shield, Goggles, Ventilators, Non-Contact Thermometers etc.), COVID-19 related android mobile apps. Prototype Development
2 Talha Training | Fish Expert Limited Education An online live classroom facility. Service
3 ANTT Robotics Medical Healthcare
  • Safety Goggles (for COVID-19 Prevention/Response)
  • Cup Mask (for COVID-19 Prevention/Response)
Prototype Development
4 Bangla Puzzle Education Multiplayer Quiz Platform Support for Corona Crisis Service
5 Medical Healthcare Building a COVID-19 AI diagnostic assistant using X-ray and CT scans Research
6 Journeymakerjobs Business Support
  • Preparing and delivering a customized People management solution SMEs
  • Business process Consultancy for SME
  • Arranging online interview between job seeker and employer.
  • Arranging temporary employee to employer to save cost.
7 Kaizen Business Support Offer business development training to help other businesses in evaluating their business strategy and also develop a business plan. Service
8 Lazarus Robotics Medical Healthcare A Robot to work as an alternative of staff & sanitization worker in hospital & quarantine center. The only solution of this problem is using robots. We (Lazarus Robotics) already been developed such kind of robot that can serve virus affected patent’s medicine-meal & also can disinfect places all by itself. It is controlled via human remotely without even being in the hospital & also be able to carry more than 30kg of load. Now we need to run some test to convert this robot in to commercial standard so that the people of our country can use this robot on upcoming crisis. Prototype Development
9 MediSquare Medical Healthcare
  • deliver medicines door-to-door
  • video call doctors through our platform
10 Resource Management IoT based smart vending machine to ensure fair price of the emergency required products. Prototype Development
11 Meditor Health Medical Healthcare
  • Home diagnostic service (any blood and urine sample collection from home & report delivery) in collaboration with top diagnostic centers in Dhaka.
  • Through mobile app people can get experienced doctors consultation and diet-fitness guideline from experts.
12 AdsCollect Resource Management Develop a ‘Predictive Analysis' tool that will predict the presumptive requirement of medical supply on next day/week/month analyzing real-time data. Research
13 eFarmers’ Hut by JAM Resource Management Can distribute raw vegetables direct from the field to the customers, as we have our very own ready to launch android app. Service
14 DGTONG technologies limited Medical Healthcare
  • Nurse type robots: It can be used to supply medical equipment to patients.
  • Telemedicine platform (patients and doctors can communicate with each other)
Prototype Development
15 cWork Microjob Limited Communication Creating an AI chatbot in Facebook messenger to provide authentic information in Bengali Language to stop fake news and wrong information about COVID-19. Prototype Development
16 Uparjon Business Support Uparjon is trying to arrange some work scope to earn money for those who are staying at home. Beside this, we are planning to include an online awareness banner like awareness advertisement in Uparjon platform & Facebook Group. People will watch the advertise and they need to follow the ad accordingly. After that, they will go through with a question answer session. If they can give the correct answer, they will be able to earn money Service
17 Life Coach Bangladesh - Startup Chattogram Mental Healthcare Conduct a one month long rigorous mental health awareness and support campaign for students, doctors, parents and the general people. Service