The Leadership

Mr. Ranajit Kumar

Executive Director (Grade-1) | Bangladesh Computer Council


I am fortunate to have a very strong team of highly skilled professionals who support me to carry forward the mission of  BCC. We have gone through a serious transformation recently to run our business treating everyone coming to us as a customer. This means we try to ensure “customer service” in whatever we do and are always keen to see a happy smile on all our customer’s faces. So BCC now being a government organization is working more or less like a private company where customer satisfaction is at the core of whatever we do.

We are continuously working on encouraging others to use IT4D leading from the front and have transformed the traditional business delivery model to an eService delivery model and have introduced eFiling from the New Year’s Day 2014. We now want to go green transforming our office into an Eco-friendly office saving energy and the environment.

We are a team of highly committed, highly skilled professionals and we seriously mean business. I therefore strongly suggest that you take advantage of this transformed Ecosystem and allow us to take care of your IT-related needs to make you happy. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy and that’s our promise.