Expert Team

Mohammed Omar Faruk

Consultant | Manager (Product Innovation)

Mobile: 01810096518

With over 9 years of experience in the computer industry, and with over 8 years in software testing, Mohammed Faruk is an expert at automated software testing. He has developed in-house frameworks for test automation and contributed to open-source testing tools, most notably Selenium. Mohammed started working with WebDriver and Selenium since the end of 2011. Mohammed have helped numerous companies successfully implement automated testing;  Mohammed Faruk joined iDEA as a Manager (Product Innovation) in March 2020. Before joining iDEA, Mohammed mostly worked in the greater Los Angeles Area as a software engineer. Mohammed Faruk also worked as a Scrum Master for couple of years. He has excellent knowledge about Software Development Life Cycle and Software Test Life Cycle. Mohammed Faruk completed his bachelor's and started his career in 2013 at Citibank as a manual tester (QA). Mohammed is also certified as a “PMP”, “Scrum Master” and “QA Engineer”.